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Welcome to MH Event Consulting!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Now for the big and exciting news that I have been waiting to share - Drum roll please......MH Event Productions & Consulting is now MH Event Consulting!! I couldn't be more excited for my new journey and what it has to offer to my community of self-planners, event professionals and venues...yes, venues! 😉 Taking a step back, here is what MH was and here is what it will be now:

event and venue consultant

MH Event Productions was an event planning company offering Full, Partial, Design and Entertainment planning as well as à la carte services, and of course, Day of Coordinating. I specialized in all lifestyle events including weddings alongside social, creative and corporate events. In addition to, I also offered hourly Consulting where clients who maybe didn't have the funds for a planner or felt like they didn't need a planner could still get a professional opinion from a planner at an affordable rate. This helped to ensure their big day was going to be perfect! Well, with much consideration and high demand, I'm solely going to offer hourly Consulting while also providing a la carte services as a virtual assisting service not only for event clients themselves, but for event professionals. The reason why I'm keeping that part of my business is because I want to help people as much as I can and if that means taking a few things off their plate to help relieve them from stress throughout the planning process, I will! Now, I mentioned venues up above...

In addition to offering hourly Consulting for event clients and event professionals, I will also be offering Venue Consulting! You may have saw this as a new addition on my old site as well as in my May blog post so it actually was already open and available, but now this will also be a main service of mine. If you haven't read the blog post yet, here is a quick synopsis;

A lot of venues build their spaces as a wedding venue, but then all of a sudden they want to do other events in the off-peak season or during the week. However, their venue usually isn't built or designed for those. There also are venues that are perfect that maybe just need help with their branding and marketing to show that they can do other events other than weddings. Then lastly, there are venues that aren't built yet so they need help in order to start off on the right foot, that's where I come in!

With all that being said, you may be thinking, "Are you still going to plan events?" Yes, I will probably host my own events with a venue partnership per the Venue Consulting service. There is also the chance of an event consulting client realizing they are really in over their head and want me to just take over whether it's Planning or Day of Coordinating. As long as it's a request and it's a good fit, I will do it!

So that's the big announcement guys! I can't wait to start this journey so come join me and snoop around at my new website! If you haven't followed me yet on my social handles, please do! They are the same handles as before, just changed the name so all the original content is still there. Enjoy and I hope to consult you soon!


Til next time,


Thank you to Samantha Rule Photography for making me my logo!!

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