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Some of My Favorite Event Venues!

Even with the COVID pandemic, people are still opening event venues left and right. It's amazing!! There are also, unfortunately, a lot of venues up for sale - I actually started to post the listings on my Stories every Thursday...just in case you're in the mood to invest in a property any time soon 😉 Anywho, as a Venue Consultant I am always keeping track of what venues are up for sale as well as what new ones are popping up! Not only for my Venue Consulting side of things, but for my Event Consulting.

Which can I just mention that if you're a new venue breaking ground, you should get on social media right away - Don't wait!

With all of that being said, I thought I would write a post of the coolest, prettiest venues I have come across recently! So here we go:

1 - Treehouse Vero Beach: @treehouseverobeach /

Vero Beach, Florida

Oh my gosh! If you know me, you know 1) I love all the Florida vibes since I lived there for several years, and 2) I love tropical anything, it's a serious mood booster. This event space is super unique because it's actually located on a tropical palm tree grove! Say what?!? It has all the boho vibes mixed with minimalism and is just overall super chic. If you visit their website, it says "A short golf cart ride will take you through a dense mangrove forest to the Indian River Lagoon." Ummm....this makes me want to host an event there, like right now! 😍 I cannot wait to go back to Florida post-COVID and visit this space.

The reason why I put them on the list is because I look for cool, unique spaces when my event planning clients come to me to find them a venue. When I have my Venue Consulting hat on and I'm actually helping a venue open, I always want to hear the story about the space and the owners. With that info, I try to create and build something super unique so the space itself embraces its surroundings. If it has a story, I also want them to be able to show that during tours. Hats off to the Treehouse for being super unique! 👏🏻

2 - The Eloise: @theeloiseevents /

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

I have been following this space since the very beginning, like literally when they started to break ground. I appreciate a space that is big and open because you can really host any type of event there, which I have experience in. And can we just talk about their windows for second? They. Are. FANTASTIC! They really nailed this part of the design down. The nice thing about their venue, too, is that they have a mezzanine as well as a big patio that looks out onto big open land. With the big open space, to the natural lighting to the all-white aesthetic, there is no doubt in my mind that they will succeed!

Photo credit: CSB Photography

3 - The Penthouse Hyde Park: @thepenthousehp /

Chicago, Illinois

Yet another space that has AMAZING windows! This space is currently being built and I CANNOT wait to travel back to Chicago and make this as my pit-stop. One thing that draws me to the space and makes me super excited to watch it come to life is the black and white patterned floor! You don't see this often. It's daring, but it's what makes their space, 'their space'. They also have posted about how they're going to have a 2,600 sq ft. rooftop terrace, open air of course. I'm hoping that you can see Lake Michigan from there? 🤔 The rooftop will definitely be their selling point, props to them! So for all you event planning clients, if you like the New York vibe but live here in the Midwest, this is your space 😉

4 - City Market Social House: @citymarketsocialhouse /

Los Angeles, California

This venue has actually been open for awhile now, since 2018 to be exact. Back then, I was thinking about opening a venue (someday) and City Market was my inspiration! With my event planning background in fashion show production, music productions, art shows, weddings and everything in-between, again, I appreciate a venue that can accommodate all event types. The one thing that truly sets them apart in that department is that they are a 20,000 square foot space! That's huge you guys!! With the truss ceiling, to the brick and with the VERY LARGE open space, this venue is the perfect fit for a production. They even have a sister venue called LA River Studios. It has an airstream IN IT! If you know me, I love anything retro 😍

So there you have it, a few of my favorite venues that any of you event planning professionals and clients should check out. Because I love these venues, if you are planning an event at any of these spaces I will give you a discount on my services. Whether it's hourly consulting to ensure you're not missing anything, to me taking a task or 2 off your planning plate, right down to if you need a planner or day of coordinator - I got you! Contact me here.

Till next time,


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