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Minneapolis' Most Unique Vendors - Wk 2

Can I just start off by saying how awesome every vendor has unexpectedly been?? I totally just thought sharing quick snippets on super cool vendors I have been coming across was something nice to do, not thinking about how greatly appreciative they would be. Due to the pandemic and how that has hit the events industry SEVERELY in which some aren't even surviving, several of these vendors emailed me and said that just this little PR has helped them whether it was receiving new followers or if it was just to give them hope again 🙏🏽 They even reshared my post which then THEY helped ME! Small businesses coming together, I love it 💞 So to all you small event professionals reading this post, you made my day and I'm appreciative to all of you as well 😘

Anywho, let's jump right in to a recap of last weeks features (week 2) of unique Minneapolis vendors:

1) Equal Parts Cocktail Co. - / @equalpartsco

Events and weddings are really about experiences (which is another reason why I am featuring unique vendors) and I swear, these business owners are getting smarter and smarter when it comes to this. With that being said, one growing industry is the mobility of these vendors which IS the experience. Take Equal Parts for example; they are a mobile bartending service that can create some awesome craft cocktails (yes please, I'm all about craft cocktails 🍸) indoors with their bar, but how about their mobile trailer?!? 😍 Now that trailer is probably one of the cutest I have seen!

Another cool thing about Equal Parts is that while in quarantine you can attend one of their virtual cocktail making classes! I don't know about you, but I took up the hobby of learning how to make craft cocktails since we aren't going out to bars so I'm super excited about this!! You can sign up right on their website too!

2) Honey & Milk - / @honeyandmilkmn

Based on my last blog post, if you don't know by now, I'm all about different food and stepping outside the box. I learned about Honey and Milk from one of my Day of Coordinating brides - ICE. CREAM. SANDWICHES! Enough said. I have a sweet tooth, there's no denying that. So when you combine two of my top six (I know, typically it's five but I love dessert) favorite desserts into one dessert, I'm going to be ALL OVER IT!

The standard dessert at weddings is cake, which who doesn't like cake? Well, I'm sure there are, but that's besides the point. With the growing trend of people personalizing their weddings more and more every year, Honey & Milk is the perfect mix of displaying just that, and honestly, just really stepping outside the box. Plus, look at their setup? 🥰 I CANNOT WAIT to try one at my brides wedding 🍪🍨

3) Rock With U Entertainment- / @rockwithu

Can't decide between a band or a DJ for your event? Three words: Rock With U! Well I guess it's two words and one letter. When I was working at two venues in Stillwater, one of my last days there before I ventured off onto my own was a big styled shoot which featured these guys! Come to find out, they were an expansion of the original one which formed in Miami, where I just moved from! Small world. Again, it's an experience to have Rock With U. I actually inquired to have them at our wedding in 2017 too!

I follow them on IG of course, but it wasn't until just recently that I actually went to their profile and read their bio. Since that styled shoot in 2016, they not only are the in-stadium DJ's for the Dolphins and the Canes, but they now have locations in LA and New York! As a business owner, if that isn't motivation to work even harder to grow MY company like I want to, I don't know what is. Hats off to you RWU 👏🏽

4) The Tiny Tap - / @thetinytap

America's first Prosecco truck, do I honestly need to say more?! 🥂 Going hand-in-hand with Equal Parts and with the mobile hair and makeup RV I featured the previous week (Prior To Pearls), it's all about that experience and creating something different for yourself AND your guests. And let's not forget to mention that they have the cutest little truck which is definitely Instagrammable, nonetheless! I've seen several photos floating around where they just pull up inside the venue and park. I'm honestly quite excited to see where they take their business from here considering they're the first in the country. I know being the serial business owner that I am, I could think of five million ideas 💭 Definitely give them a follow because I don't think you'll want to NOT be informed of what they're doing.

5) Sprinkles & Confetti - / @sprinkles_and_confetti

No, this is not a dessert company; this is a party decor company which is the smartest, most innovative thing I have seen in a while. How many of you go straight to a party store to get all your trinkets you need for that small event of yours? Whether it's a birthday, shower, or just a fiesta in general, I know you probably all have. While you could go that route and get all the themed decorations, plates, party hats, etc. where it comes off to be super matchy-matchy, S&C will CUSTOMIZE those types of things fFOR YOU then ship it to your house.....ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY!

When I featured her (owners name is Jackie), I shared the best video to give you the lowdown on what she can do; the video was of her going through a box that she curated for a local client who was hosting a camping themed birthday party for her kid. Not only did she pack cups, plates, etc. but she also added in lanterns, party favor bags, etc. You can watch the video here.

For those of you that wrote in and informed me of some of the cool and unique vendors in the area that maybe I should check out, thank you! I sure will! And when it comes to any of these vendors featured in blog posts, if you don't hire them for yourself, at least think about them the next time someone is telling you about their event and/or wedding planning adventure. If you don't know anyone having a party, at least give them a follow 🥳

Till next week,


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