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Minneapolis' Most Unique Vendors - Wk 1

Happy August everyone! Now if you follow me on my social media you probably have noticed on my Stories that I have been featuring local and unique vendors from right here in Minneapolis. If you also know me personally, you know that I like to do things outside the box whether it's floral and design, entertainment or even the food! I like to create picture perfect experiences whether it's my own event or if I happen to be planning one for a wedding client or corporate client, including non-profits. This all comes from my Florida background where I was heavily involved in producing showcases for emerging artists in Miami and Orlando. I would hand select up to 40 artists in art, photography, hair, makeup, fashion, accessories, music, performing arts and even film! All of these artists were within 10 years of their career so they were in fact an "indie artist". Not only would I showcase them to the public, but I also executed some PR magic by inviting people in the industry in hopes that maybe that local boutique would buy some pieces from one of my designers or maybe that restaurant would book the musician to perform every Friday night. I loved what I did in Florida not only because it was fun and some of my now closest friends were some of those artists, but because I was supporting local. Being a small business owner myself, there is nothing like supporting another small business! 😍

So with all that being said, I decided that I would feature fun and unique vendors throughout the month of August that could be used at events or weddings! Every week, I will be recapping who I featured so you have direct links to their work and maybe, just maybe, YOU book them for your next event whether that's a shower, birthday, micro wedding or just a family dinner. So let's start supporting these local vendors, shall we?

1) Pitched Mpls - / IG: @pitchedmpls

I actually saw them on Fox 9 one morning and I was blown away (Fun fact: I actually used to blog about travel, but now with this blog + my fashion blog, I just don't have the time so I just post about it on my personal IG). Pitched Mpls is 'glamping' on steroids! For $200 a night during the week and $250 a night on the weekend, they will come setup AND teardown their tent + the decor in your backyard. Now why am I posting about them? Going back to my "thinking outside the box" and due to the times of micro events, you could do a fun and unique setup with them for your wedding or small event! Think showers, birthdays (even for the kiddos), or a micro wedding with an outdoor theme.

The setup comes with a waterproof tent, queen memory foam mattress, linens, blankets (sleeping blankets not included) and pillows, chairs, rugs, decor and that ambient lighting 😉 For small fees, you can add on a picnic table, a fire pit and wood, in-tent theater AND MORE! To learn more and see their SICK setup, visit

2) The Slow Motion Booth - / @theslowmotionbooth

Almost every event, especially weddings, have a photo booth. However, not all have a videographer. Why not do "both"? I actually had Slow Motion Booth at my wedding (check out My Wedding Planning Blog) and people are STILL talking about it to this's been 3 years come October. Quite honestly, my husband and I watch it every year (along with our actual wedding video) more so than looking at our wedding photos.

There's no booth to step in, it's a blank backdrop with, of course, props. You and a bunch of people get in and start moving around over a short period of time. Slow Motion Booth will then edit all the short clips into a video with your choice of song with at certain points they slow it down. 110% WORTH IT!!! Check ours out 👇

3) Prior To Pearls - / @priortopearls

A few days prior to posting local Minneapolis vendors, I came across this gal. You guys, it's a hair and makeup salon with chandeliers and all...IN A RV!! They can drive to you on your big day or event so you don't have to. Is anyone else super intrigued by businesses converting mobile campers, RV's, trucks, etc. to display their craft? I've thought about converting a small camper myself for who knows what and then using it for trips so Prior To Pearls definitely is a role model for me. I did chat with her this week and she mentioned that she would like to add hair cutting services to this bad boy; working from home during quarantine, who wouldn't want a fun and pretty RV rollin' up to cut your hair at your convenience? I would 🙋‍♀️ Fun fact about Prior To Pearls, she used to work at Disney World doing the hair for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!! 👑 I can't wait to tour this baby someday!

4) Cheesecake Funk - / @cheesecakefunk

Another fun fast fact about me - I'm a foodie. With my former travel blog and now my personal IG, I focus on really good local food in all my national and international travels so I definitely have had some good eats. With that being said, Cheesecake Funk - OMG! It doesn't have that frozen taste and it doesn't have the stiff-like texture. Right away you can tell it's homemade and it's super creamy. They do weddings and events, but who says you can't bring one to a family function? Or who says that you have to have cake for your birthday?? And really, how many vendors are here in Minneapolis that do cheesecake?!

If you aren't having an event anytime soon (for obvious reasons), you can always try a slice from some local restaurants: Tequila Butcher, Crave and Oak19. I have had Cheesecake Funk twice; the first time was at a networking event and it was just the plain cheesecake and that blew me away - it's the creaminess that gets ya!! The second time was at Tequila Butcher where I had the banana cream, holy moly! Now that one was good 😍

5) Paint My Wedding Day - / @paintmyweddingday

Appreciating the arts once again, I bring to you not only entertainment for your wedding or event, but something that is unique and one of a kind. Yes, you have your photos and you have your videos, but why not have a super unique piece that probably most of your friends wouldn't have in which you can hang it up on your wall? 😉 Meet Paint My Wedding Day!

If you visit her website and click the FAQ's, she mentions that she encourages guests to come talk to her while she's painting. Coming from the art production background, I used to showcase artists who would do live artwork during the event, my guests loved it!! So speaking from someone that has done it, it's totally worth it!

Well that's it for WEEK 1...yes, I'm going to be featuring fun and unique vendors the whole month of August. Do you know of a local unique vendor? Email me their handle so I can check them out - let's work together to promote small businesses 💗

Till next week,


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