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Meet Our Lifestyle Event Planner!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m the newest member of the MH Event Productions & Consulting team. I’m incredibly honored to be joining Melissa’s team! My role is to focus on wedding and lifestyle events and to help you celebrate special moments in style without worries. I’m so excited that we’re starting this blog, we cannot wait to share nuggets of event planning knowledge with all of you but before we do, here’s a little bit about my event planning journey:

My background is a little bit of everything -- nonprofit, marketing, community, and lifestyle events. I got my start assisting with the coordination of large events, a basketball league (who would’ve thought), and meetings for a large church in Kansas City. I learned the ins and outs of sourcing items for a nonprofit and creativity while being mindful of budgetary restraints. Each event was unique to my department and I would handle everything from a lunch meeting for six to supporting the staff during a week long event. I never knew exactly what would come next, but I was thriving in the variety.

While I was living in Kansas City, I realized I truly wanted to be a wedding planner but there isn’t one straight path for that career. I began to assist wedding planners and after I learned the ins and out of the big day, I offered wedding management services to brides who had already finished their planning but wanted someone to help out during the last month of planning. I quickly realized if I wanted to be successful and have longevity in the event industry, I would prefer to work under someone experienced and learn. I was capable of managing a wedding on my own, but I’d like to learn just a bit more. At the time, I felt I needed more experience and guidance before diving into event planning.

After a couple of years in Kansas City, my husband and I moved to Atlanta. That’s where I began to work in marketing: coordinating digital marketing campaigns as well as creating and planning marketing events. They were quite a bit smaller than I was used to, but it taught me that even the simplest event requires such attention to detail. My marketing job gave me the confidence to make decisions and to stand by them, which is crucial to event planning.

I worked on the corporate side of marketing events but I also got a taste for creative experiential events while working for The Big Fake Wedding! This was actually a dream opportunity, I couldn’t believe I actually got to work with them! Working at The Big Fake Wedding taught me about innovation, loving others well, and the value of a good employer. Surrounded by a strong team, I learned how to serve others graciously, but I was empowered to be firm and resolute when needed. It taught me to reach out to those I admire and to ask for what I want.

In 2018, my husband got a job in Minnesota, which is my home state! It’s been so exciting to be back home and I was able to transition into community events. I was still looking for a way to build my own community in a new city and I stumbled across a post of Melissa’s looking for people with event experience to join her team! When we sat down for our initial meeting, I had no idea what to expect. I was blown away by how business savvy, straightforward, and intelligent Melissa was and I knew that she was exactly the type of person I’d like to work with. I was so impressed by how Melissa handles each aspect of her business, how she’s constantly working to grow her network and how much she’s willing to go even further than the extra mile for each client.

After looking at the variety of event types I’ve worked, you might be wondering what draws me to lifestyle events. I like working with people and I love celebrating them! I’m a people person, I love meeting people in all walks of life and helping them make what can be stressful decisions. I want to make sure each aspect of your day is perfect so you don’t have to worry about it.

While working with me, each client can expect their event to be treated like a full production. From bachelorette parties to weddings, I am there to make sure your planning process is easy and maybe even enjoyable. I love celebrating people, so your special day is just as important to me! Whether a client just needs a few consultation hours to point their lifestyle event in the right direction or full planning, I truly enjoy getting to know you and your event before the big day!

One of my favorite parts of MH Event Productions is that we truly are a one-stop shop, from in house floral design to travel arrangements and everything in between. From a destination wedding to a graduation party, we are here for your lifestyle event needs!


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