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IGtv recap: 3 Branding Tips For Event Venues

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

IGtv episodes are back! I took a break from them because of the rebrand, but I'll be launching my educational tidbits every 2 weeks moving forward. Woot woot! So anywho, jumping right in - Throughout quarantine, I've been networking A LOT in which I have connected with a lot of venues. One common thing between them is that they didn't know a ton about branding. As a Venue Consultant, branding is one of the many things I help with! And let's just be clear - Branding goes beyond just digital, as you will see below. So if you're in the same boat whether you're just opening a venue, thinking about opening one, or have one and want a little branding refresher (per the episode, I refer to this as "The 3-4 Year Syndrome"), here are a few tips to get you started:

1 - Your Digital Presence

Does your website, logo and social media match one another? Does it have the same look and feel as the interior of your space? Does it really show what your culture and values are? For example: If you have a light and airy, elegant wedding venue does your website display a light and airy elegant look? How about your logo? In the episode, I even talk about color psychology in branding tip #2...yes, it's a thing. So with that, does the color of your brand display what type of space you are?

Most importantly, you should have photos of all the event types you host or want to host on your site. My specialty as a Venue Consultant is that I help spaces maximize their potential, meaning, they are able to host all sorts of events, not just weddings. So with that, if you are a space that hosts corporate events, fundraisers as well as weddings, you need to have this imagery on your website.

HINT: Multiple pages on your website helps your SEO so have a different page per

event type.

But overall, this needs to be displayed. If someone wants to host an event at your space but you don't have any other photos besides just weddings AND if you are someone that has the word 'wedding venue' in your name, they may not reach out.

2 - Your Interior Space

Does the look and feel of your space match the type of events you host / want to host? For example, if you are a wedding space that wants to host fashion shows (this is a VERY common situation by the way), do you even have enough space in the back for the models, designers, clothing racks and hair/makeup artists? Or do you just have the groom suite and bridal suite? If you're an underground type of venue, is it really fit for a wedding?

When it comes to weddings specifically, what is a common trend in the industry? Right now it's very airy so you see a lot of spaces opening up that have all white interiors. This will definitely help with your branding because you are a wedding venue. I do mention in the video though, I like stepping outside of the box 😉 Trends have to start somewhere, am I right?!

Another side note I had added is think of the things that your competitors don't have. What can you offer that sets you apart, makes your brand standout?

3 - Your Team

Do your preferred vendors match your brand? If you're a luxury space, you probably wouldn't have a barbeque restaurant as a preferred vendor...maybe if they were a gourmet place though, does that even exist? I would be curious 🤣

Your team is also your staffing. Going back to the scenario if you had a luxury venue; does the staff's wardrobe and etiquette match the brand? On another side note, I talked about how your amenities should match your brand as well. So, again, if you're a luxury venue, your packages as well as the service and experience you provide should go hand-in-hand.

There's a lot that goes into branding besides just these 3 things, and quite honestly, I could go on and on 😂 I hope this helps though and gets your wheels turning.

To watch the episode, you can view it here

Till next time,


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