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4 Steps To Planning a Grad Party

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

To those graduating in 2020, our hearts are with you. We know you’ll be missing out on moments you’ve been looking forward to your entire lives. While we can’t replace those special memories, we can help you make new ones with one of our favorite traditions: a graduation party! 🎓

how to plan a graduation party

1) Pick a date - This year, picking a date is extremely important. Typically, graduation parties are scheduled in the weeks before and after the ceremony. Our advice is to pick a later date in the year; everyone will be itching to celebrate and be around their friends and family once this is all over. So we're here to tell you, don't just write it all off.

2) Guest List - While many graduation parties are open house style, it’s important to have a general idea of how many will be attending. Some grad parties are just for family, but others are for classmates, friends, family, and anyone your child has ever met. Whatever the size of your party ends up being, this could help decide location, food, and entertainment! Think about renting a venue, that way you aren't having to update your house, be responsible for all the setup and teardown, renting all the tables and chairs, etc. There are a few venues out there that allow you to still bring in your own food, too!

3) Budget - Often people overlook budget when it comes to grad parties. Making and keeping track of a budget is important for any event, even this. Also, no matter the event type, we always suggest to clients to have extra "fluff" money. Sometimes things pop-up that you just have to spend money on so by having a secret stash of money, it won't put you over the edge.

4) Something extra - Want to kick your grad party up a notch? Maybe you want to include a passion of theirs to make it unique. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Over-the-top photo booth → Maybe a flower wall, mobile photo bus, or a balloon arch. A picture lasts the longest! You could even hire a videographer!

Party all night → Finish off your party in a memorable way! Rent a dance floor, dance all night! Maybe your senior’s vibe is a little more chill, so an outdoor movie night complete with a huge screen, string lights and a popcorn machine is for them. Find one element of your party that can celebrate them in a special way.

Change it up → Find a way to make your party a little less traditional. Maybe it’s a morning brunch affair with a waffle bar. Maybe even a picnic style with red-checkered blankets for your guests to bask in under sun while they chat 🌞

One thing is clear: this IS the year to celebrate! An event like a grad party can be reschedule and it's okay 😉


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