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Wedding Table Set

About Event & Wedding Planning

With over 17+ years of experience in the events industry, no event is too big or too small. I have done small baby showers to corporate events right down to an 800 person art show and a 250 person wedding. If there is one thing that they all have in common it's how I show up to the event. 

Almost all events come with 2 people in which we're dressed in all black and wearing a headset. I will personally bring a steamer in case you get wrinkles in your suit or dress in addition to an 'Emergency Bag' containing everything you can imagine. With my production background, again, no event is too big or too small. I'll make sure I'm the point of contact for the day of, everything is running on time, and if it's a wedding, I'll ensure that you walk down the aisle at just the right point in the song (thanks to my fashion show experience). 

I have several years of experience in merchandising, product styling and photo shoots so I always tell my clients, "When it comes to the event decor, just hand me the boxes. I got this!" I sometimes even bring extra candles for those nooks and crannies that need a little sprucing up. I think, and look, at every detail right down to if the flatware is aligned with the plate. 

Although I'm based out of Minnesota, I plan events locally as well as nationally. I have team members located across the country so I'm not afraid to take on an event that's 2000+ miles away, I actually love those events so bring it on! Packages include the following:

Full planning

Partial planning

Day of coordinating (6.5 or 12 hours)

Setup only

Rate is $100 per hour; Packages range from $500 - $6800+

*Nonprofit pricing is available

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