With all my event and wedding clients, I would always set up a phone call to go over not only what they were exactly looking for, but to learn WHY they thought they needed a planner/day of coordinator. They would always answer with: 

"I started planning on my own, but now I'm just overwhelmed and have no clue what I'm doing",

"I just want to enjoy the day", or

"The last time we had an event, it was a lot of work so I'm not making that mistake again!"

Let's not forget about the tiny little details that are missed come event day too!

However, not everyone can afford a planner/day of coordinator or think that they need one until it's too late. For corporations and nonprofits, sometimes they don't have a big enough team to manage everything - that's where I come in! With my Event Consulting services, I go over everything with you to ensure you aren't missing anything (which happens more than not when you're a DIY'er or are a small team). And if you are, I have plenty of preferred vendors to call upon. I even offer some à la carte services making us a one-stop-shop including my in-house floral or taking a task or 2 off your planning plate -also available for event professionals. If after you read this you decide you want a planner, visit my

Event Planning page.

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