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MH Event Consulting (formally known as MH Event Productions & Consulting) is an event & venue consulting company with over 15 years of experience based out of Minnesota. I offer hourly consulting for event clients that need help in certain areas who don't necessarily feel like they need a planner, coordinator or can even afford one but they still need a professional opinion. I also offer venue consulting for event spaces that need to maximize their potential & business structure.  We are customizable with my one-stop-shop, à la carte services ranging from production schedule consultations and creation, to venue & vendor research, design consulting, travel accommodations, personal shopping to even website development! With my experience in event planning as well as venue management & business development, I am a perfect fit for the client that doesn't have time & simply wants a few things taken off their plate or that just needs the knowledge of someone within the industry.

The best part is that I can can offer consulting & virtual assisting nationwide! I also can plan events and weddings upon request.


Event Consulting

Services include, but aren't limited to:

Reading over contracts (non-legal)



Creating production schedules

Vendor research & coordination 

Advising on layouts & placements

Venue research

Styled shoots for event marketing

Strategic social media campaign advice

Virtual assisting for event professionals

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venue consultant

@Tinge Photography

Venue Consulting

Services include, but aren't limited to:


In-house events

Strategic social media campaign advice

Interior decorating

Business development

Day to day operations

Vendor partnerships

Staging & styled shoots

Venue management

Virtual Consults

Via Zoom or Phone

Pick my brain for 15 minutes on anything event or venue related for only $20!

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